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    • An all-in-one marketplace for you to find the best clean energy rates in your area. 
    • Switch to 100% green energy, reduce your carbon footprint and lead a sustainable lifestyle.
    • Save ~20,000 lbs. of CO2 from harming the environment each year with every signup.
    • 10% of all profits go toward funding organizations that develop cutting edge, sustainable technology.
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Satisfied Customers
Vikki S.
Brooklyn, NY

It’s amazing how easy it was to switch to clean energy with Energy Gopher! I signed up online and immediately noticed the lower rate on my next bill. Can’t believe I just found out about this!

Steve L.
Westchester, NY

With Energy Gopher, I found a 100% green energy rate for my house that was less expensive than what I was already paying! It took me only 1 minute to sign-up! Can you say #GOGREEN #EASY

Bekim T.
Queens, NY

Since making the switch to Energy Gopher, my energy bill has been much lower, especially in the winter where it hits my pockets the most!

Allise F.
New York, NY

Energy Gopher saved me time and money. Their service was so easy to use and my monthly bill has dropped dramatically! Would definitely recommend!

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